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Sandra ~ Calabash, NC

“I had received at least half a dozen massages to compliment chiropractic care following a major car accident. All my muscles have been in spasm for the last four weeks since the accident, not lending well to chiropractic adjustment. While the six massages I received since my accident did deliver some relief of joint pain…

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Bill ~ Chicopee, MA

“I’ve known Gabriella for almost ten years and it comes as no surprise that she would pursue a wellness field like massage therapy. I’ve been a subject of hers while she attended massage school and continued to make house calls thereafter. Her technique can be as soft or as firm as you request and the…

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Michelle ~ Sebastopol, CA

“I have received several massages from Gabriella. I have found her work to be tremendously healing and helpful. Her work helped my body to release tension from my neck and shoulders that was giving me headaches. And, I found that she was able to tune into where my body was holding tension. Her Deep Tissue…

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